The Origins of Time

The day looked about rather than flow scooping wild waterfalls endless seas indifferently melting snow dripping and dripping to depart from eternity and resemble tear drops that still didn't cry and become liquid from which it came.

Forever Rages Against Itself

Some nights forever rages and senses regret and forgiveness. On one side dying, on the other passing treated with respect treated with contempt and beaten like a child that saw his face before his eyes and looked at himself patched and threadbare ready to unravel order in its randomness.

Time Travel

I don't think I want to travel by plane anymore. I've taken too many flights recently. They speed up time. I want to take a train to the North next. It will change soil every few hours. It will slow down time.

The Window Seat

There’s this friend I was trying to counsel. Yes, that sounds a little pompous considering I’m the one who needs a little help right now, but anyway. Ok so, we were talking... no wait... he was talking. After a long time of self-inflicted, ego-boosting, surreptitious muteness that makes a man proud of the fact that... Continue Reading →

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