#9: Reclaiming Sundays

Izmir - Istanbul *The post is titled so after the most wonderful Sunday I spent in Istanbul. May there be many more. Amen.* Although, I have 3 entries written for the last three days I spent in Istanbul, I have decided to keep them hidden inside my notebook. Here's a retrospective post instead of a... Continue Reading →

#8: When Fiction Meets Fact

Ephesus *This is a real-life story. It has some gaps, which will require some imagination on the reader's part. This story has been transcribed after it was told to me in bits and parts, orally. The names of characters have been changed. Apologies in advance for the bad narration.* In 1943, a Jewish refugee from... Continue Reading →

#7: Trees

Pamukkale In the farming community of Central Turkey, when a child is born, the Turks plant Poplar trees to celebrate the arrival of the baby. As the child grows, so do the trees. Around 20 years of age, when the child is now an adult and old enough to need money for education/marriage/anything else, the... Continue Reading →

#5: Letters from History

Goreme - Cappadocia Region With the scant knowledge that I have of Turkish literature, I don't think there exists a collection of fantasy fiction based in Cappadocia. In fact, I find it unbelievable that there could exist none. There is so much unimaginable beauty in this place carefully laced in history that it would take... Continue Reading →

#4: On Listening

Nevsehir, Cappadocia Region While most of Istanbul is an extremely modern and evolved city, the ruins, so to speak, are there for you to pick out yourself. I was told that since there is so much concrete in this city, thanks to the development, the locals have rallied for conscious greenery. Therefore, all over Istanbul... Continue Reading →

#1: Imagination

Disclaimer: Once again, this is not going to be a travelogue where I will give an account of what I did and where I went. I detest such travelogues. Also, since the duration of my vacation was a little long, I don't know if there will be one post for a day. For now, this.... Continue Reading →

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