If there is anything
That could perfect be.
It is a picture frame
of you and me.
Time has flown by
The picture remains.
Just as beautiful
We didn’t let it stain.

It is picturesque
In all the vibrant hues
The colours refuse
To fade away
If I want to scare my blues
To the picture
I turn my face.

Our friendship smiles
Through its stillness
It pierces the boundaries
That life may befall
Until we are together
My precious friend
It will turn into spring
As we walk into fall.



P.S. :Though I know this is not my best work, but I’d like to dedicate this poem to my friends and especially to: Ayesha, Mehnaz, Farhat, Sandhya, Moshni, Divya, Ipsita, Alka, Bhavana, Krupali, Prem, Sandeep, Saad, Ashish B for touching my life in more ways than one. (I hope I haven’t left anyone out, if I have I’m sorry.)

One thought on “PICTUREFRAME

  1. Thanx Sam, anything directly from the heart, is always his best work!Life is always incomplete without friends, thanx for being my friend!loads of lov,krupali


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