I had a question and answer session with myself. I’m not mad or anything but I heard this theory from a friend once upon a time: There are times when your head’s a mess and at such times you tend to talk to your friends. And when you have no one to talk to that is when you tend to talk to yourself. At that time you get all the answers you are looking for.
I did a little talking with myself.
This is what I sounded like in my head.

Q. Why couldn’t life be simpler?
A. it’s not a part of the deal we made with Him.

Q. Why does everyone tend to look at the dark side of everything?
A. It’s a part of being human.

Q. Then what about all the ‘positivity’ talk?
A. That’s a part of being human too. But not being able to understand what is required when, is also part of being human.

Q. That’s pretty confusing. Can you elaborate?
A. Humans have a tendency to confuse issues in such a way that they tend to look at the dark side at the precise time when it is required to look at light.

Q. Don’t you do that?
A. Of course, I’m human too.

Q. You make being human sound like a crime.
A. Oh no. See again, instead of accepting a flaw and correcting it you tend to jump to a conclusion and close your mind.

Q. OK, so what according to you should be done to make life ‘relatively’ simple?
A. That is a very difficult question (pauses).
When I feel like life is bearing down on me, I just think about something I once read, ‘Don’t take life too seriously you won’t get out of it alive.’

Q. Oh, Bugs Bunny said that! What about all the talk about working hard and reaching unknown altitudes?
A. Who said we have to be serious in order to work hard and reach unknown altitudes…

Q. That is a very irresponsible statement!
A. You should let me finish…

Q. OK, go on…
A. Working hard and achieving something requires passion and dedication. It does not require being serious and worrying yourself to death.

Q. But somehow people tend to worry so much when they need to get somewhere that…
A. I told you, humans are confused. It’s a part of being human!

Q. But it does happen that failure does come knocking and then you do fall down. What then? All this talk sounds like gibberish at that time.
A. Oh yes, it does sound like gibberish then, and honestly it should sound like trash. After all w
e have a right to sadness too, you see.

Q. OK. Don’t you think you’re sounding very confused? First you talk about how we should concentrate on all the good things in life. Now you’re saying we should be sad.
A. Thank God, you have comprehended me right. That’s right. I am saying all of that.

Q. And you are contradicting yourself.
A. Really? I thought I was just looking at things in a practical manner. Being confused is your forte.

Q. Role reversal I guess!!
A. No. I stand by what I’m saying. You should look at the brighter side of life as much as you can. But I think that sadness too has a place in your life. With sadness comes pain. After pain follows healing. And after healing follows happiness.

Q. Where the hell did you read that?
A. Nah just made it up!

Q. Alright…
A. In hindsight, it does make sense. Doesn’t it?

Q. I’m going to let the other humans decide…
A. See? Told you! Confused!!!

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