Spread on the ground
Like leaves in autumn
I’ve lost myself to departed seasons

To unwritten stanzas
In an unfinished song
We’ve lost ourselves in a rhyme

Like miles of words
Read without an acknowledgment
Our love has frozen in time

A disconnected sculpture
That paints no picture
You and I have torn apart

Cold as silence
are the events in my diary
They gather dust when I look away

A fallen angel
devoid of her wings
Our love is lost and misplaced are we today…


P.S.: I hope this is without ‘structure’ enough. Though I did not mean it to be.

And to everyone else I’m sorry if this ain’t good enough I’m rusted these days 😦

Post P.S.:This poem was written as an attempt to something called an ‘Unstructured Poetry’ as requested by a friend. It is supposed to be disconnected. I’m not sure how much justice I have done to the style that my friend wanted me to do.

This poem is supposed to be about a girl and her love who are away from each other. And the fact that they are away makes them incomplete.

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