Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 5

It has been a while since I wrote lists like the ones I used to earlier. Lot of things have been happening and time is moving on so swiftly that I hardly have time to stand and stare. I do want to write much more than I am writing these days but somehow I am just not able to squeeze it in. I’m not going to let that become an excuse because in my opinion that is the easiest way out! I’ll push myself harder. So here goes 125-101. (You don’t have to be clued in on the other 4 parts to get in tune with this one.)

125. I’ve realised that there are just too many movies to watch and I hardly have seen some path-breaking ones.

124. A small girl accompanies her father to bid her mother ‘Bye’ for the day every morning when her mom boards the bus I’m already in.

123. Also, a very old father comes to see his son off at the bus-stop when his son waits for the bus to hop off to work. (It is really cute.)

122. ‘Monday Blues’ are not termed so for nothing.

121. I have noticed that my brain can accumulate much more information than I thought it possibly could.

120. The traffic sucks. Big time! Period.

119. Anyone who starts thinking for you is absolutely no good. I mean why should anyone impose their thoughts on you???

118. Bollywood made the MOST atrocious movies in 2009. ATROCIOUS.

117. Strawberries are the best thing to have happened to me this month!

116. You can push yourself harder if you wish. I reiterate: If you wish!

115. I’m hooked on to food. More than ever before! Quoting a friend I’d like to add, “Food is the only dependable pleasure in life.”

114. There is a lake in the middle of Andheri- the polluted, human infested, vehicle clogged, concrete jungle. It is replete with ducks, water snakes, a sidewalk lined by flowers and a school of fish that is clearly visible when you look in the water. Sounds unbelievable but trust me there is such a place!

113. It would be nice if we had an edible variety of foodstuffs for breakfast. I’m tired of having the same thing everyday.

112. Walking into the remains of what used to be a church can be quite fascinating.

111. Everyone should go on a ‘Mumbai Darshan’ once in a while-specially the people who stay in Mumbai.

110. Using the calculator on the computer can make every engineer feel blessed that they had the privilege of using an fx-991MS during college.

109. I’ve been winning every possible (hoax) lottery all over the place. Lucky me!

108. I’ve learnt some technical aspects of literature namely: meter, iambic pentameter, and structure and types of a sonnet. Also, I now know what an ellipsis is. (I didn’t know that is what is was called!)

107. “I wonder how, I wonder why…yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky…”

106. It is remarkable how many people step out of their houses early in the morning everyday.

105. I cannot multi-task but I can do (atleast) a dozen different things in one day (walking to the loo does not count. Specific things.)

104. I HAVE to see The Shawshank Redemption. (It’s a private joke, some of you may not understand!)

103. Somehow the pace on Facebook has slowed down. I don’t know why but it seems so.

102. I’m challenging myself everyday to pack a great number of things into my day. I don’t want to lose out on having a life on account of having a job.

101. Drink plenty of water everyday. Plenty. I’ve learnt that this statement has a lot more weight than just being a ‘sentence of 5 words.’

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