Have you seen her yet?

The spider-coloured leaves fall on the ground. She’s wrapped in a burgundy turtle-neck sweater and a black jacket. A deep purple scarf gently caresses her neck. A bucket hat with a small, silken black bow sits on her head. Her auburn hair falls softly on her shoulders and kisses her occasionally when the wind blows. Her knee high black boots go tlot tlot and she sashays down the street.

The golden sun kisses her cheeks. The yellow colour of the season is reflected in her lemony summer dress. It has pink flowers and olive coloured tendrils that draw a pattern no one recognizes. The frills of her dress touch-and-run the moisturised skin below her knees. And as the shine runs down her legs, the eyes reach a red string of love that ties itself around the ankles. Her cherry coloured stilettos give her height and her existence gives her flight. Her gloss adds a shimmer that the sand would be shy of. She twirls with a smile that brightens up a room.

It’s the dead of the night and she’s competing with the colour of the sky in her black grunge tee. Her kohl-rimmed eyes say a lot of things that you’ve never thought she’d say. On her left hand are black bangles and as they entangle within each other, her jeans watch in delight. Her hair is left loose and it’s gone wild. Her nose ring oozes sensuality. Who said girls were pretty only when bashful?

She walks into a room with her eyes downcast. Her dangling oxidised earrings say little nothings in her ears. Her dark blue-coloured dupatta sways behind her and her white kurta suggles her softly with equally dark blue chudidaar to go with it. She’s like a dust of silver and blue eyeshadow. Her silver anklets add to the merry tunes that life’s playing while you listen. And as she tidies her hair, it gets stuck in her jingling bangles. She darts her eye towards her hand and pulls them out before you looking at you and walking away.

She’s wearing her uncontoured tee. And slim fit jeans to add to the comfort. Her sneakers cushion her delicate feet. Her wavy black curls are tied in a pony tail. She carries a rucksack and sports a chronometric watch. A dash of nude lip-gloss on her lips, a little kajal on her eyes and her pretty eyes flash you an innocent smile.

She walks carefully carrying her pallu in her left hand. Her back is almost bare but hidden by her locks that waltz on her skin, and a steep climb of the beige and dull gold drape she’s donned herself in. Her silhouette tingles imagination but her ensemble arrests it in no time. Her neck is unembellished but her earlobes are not. Her matte lipstick stays on throughout the day like a friend in times of bad weather. And as she walks into a room you cannot help but look, shamelessly.

I wonder and stand amazed at how wonderful it is to be a woman! How we can don garbs so different, and at the same time, so beautiful! How we carry ourselves with femininity yet strength. And how we can do it all!! 🙂

P.S: Dedicated to all the girls and women I know!

2 thoughts on “Have you seen her yet?

  1. The description for each is so beautiful!!
    And I really like the fact that you’ve accentuated each with the help of colours, extensively.
    Nice post!


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