D for Dilemma

On a December day, as I dwell on my disability to decide the direction of my discussion, I feel like a damsel in distress. Do I discuss the Great Depression or describe in detail the dainty daffodils and the dashing dandelions in the dale? Do I discuss the diagnosis of Down’s syndrome and Darsheel’s dyslexia or probably dyspepsia and dysentery? Do I declare my dire need for a delicious dinner with a dessert (a deep dark chocolate cake…am drooling) or my dream of owning a duplex and a dromedary in Dubai?

Do I dole for my neighbour’s dead Dobermann and the dwindling dugongs and dodos or do I declare my desire for a date with my darling on a deserted island and the dazzling diamond ring that I desire to wear on my D-day? Do I disclose my discovery of DNA donation or the deep dark secrets of Diana’s death? Do I dive into the diverse dreams and their interpretations or critique Deepika Padukone for doing duplicate roles? Do I declare my love for the dashing Daniel Radcliffe or the Danielle Steel books? D for dosti or D for dhoka? Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge or Dev d? Delhi or DC? D for determination or D for drugs and drinks?

Oh God, dive me a dreak, dorry, give me a break.

I finally decide that D for me, means my dramatic kids and my dream of a beautiful world.

My kids are just so dramatic. I am talking about my 48 little 2nd grade darlings! Right from praying to God “Bhagwan kare hamari Dhanya didi patli ho jaye” to finding a suitable mate for me in the Dabangg man. Their fluent Hindi dialogues uttered in high decibels would make any damn depressed soul come to life. Their innocence never fails to amaze me. When little Pratham says, “I want to become a ticket collector in a helicopter” or little Pinkesh firmly announces “I will become a taxi driver”, I wonder how little I teach them in comparison to how much they teach me, every day, every minute, every single second. They teach me how to live in the moment. They make me realize how simple life is. I am amazed at how they find quick and simple solutions to problems. My dynamic and dramatic kids are my source of inspiration and hope.

My dream.

I dream a world where
no child would die of hunger,
no child would be abused or molested,
no child would be deprived of excellent education,
no child would be denied the love and care that they deserve,
no child would be afraid of questioning,
no child would be forced to lose its childhood.

I dream a world,

Where there would be no boundaries or bars,
No terrorists, blasts, violence or wars.
Of such a world, I dream
My kids to build.

Written by Guest Writer: Dhanya Yadav as a run-up to my 2nd Blogoversary.

Dhanya is a Teach For India Fellow (2010)
Grade 2 Class Teacher,
Akanksha Shindewadi Public School

7 thoughts on “D for Dilemma

  1. AMAZING the first paragraph was so creative man….how do u come up with these words…give me ur mind for one day…


    1. You want Dhanya’s mind right? I have guest writers on my blog writing for my Blogoversary! (2nd anniversary of my blog)
      If you want mine, you can have it! Just one day! 🙂


  2. At D moment… (after D Varnasi blast) All Dat I ask is only for a Decent place for everyone to live… A Down to earth, earth is all Dat I ask for… & D today means only Danger, Demolition & Death… I Dont ask for a Divine i.ntervention. Had it been a better time, I’d ‘ve asked for ….


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