Straight Lines

Straight lines,
Those infinite points that never
turn around and come back.
They go on and on
unto eternity,
on either side
of a spectrum,
of a system,
from rues to gratitude
from smiles to cries
from balloons to cages.
There are no
second thoughts or
reconsidered chances.
These straight lines
remain taut
in my eyes
like they’ve always been.
Ever since I can remember.
Ever since they’ve forgotten;
my cries of fascination
of the dreams
I wove.
Straight lines
that go on,
on either side
and stay the same
like they’ve always been.
The dreams I’ve always dreamed.
Once I’m on them-
the rides my dreams
take me on-
I’m never coming back
and on that straight line I’ll ride,
either into the sunset
or into Hell’s fire.
There will be no
turning around.
My dreams are straight lines.


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