While I Wasn’t Writing

Of late, I haven’t been able to write all the nothing I wanted to. I haven’t been able to put on paper or on the blog all those poems I think of when I visualize the countryside. Those stories that I want to say about the crumbling society around us, and how there could be a glimmer of hope, are still inside me. I haven’t been able to weave words on how, when two souls meet, there is an innate sense of peace. To me, it seems like a while that I’ve drawn my pen to write. However, here’s a different kind of pen I was wielding when I wasn’t writing. I drew these on our office boards recently.

My Board
My Board
Drew for a colleague who wants to lose weight
Drew for a colleague who wants to lose weight
And then...pertinence
And then…pertinence

Of late, I’ve come to think life is more funny when you visualize it like a cartoon strip. Your shoe broke in the middle of the road; think of it as a part of a comic strip, and it becomes funny. Your wife’s shouting while you’re watching football; imagine a cartoon of her yelling behind you with a good bunch of exclamation marks. You could have a smug face for all you care. (Heck you could have any face, it’s your imagination.) The work you did went unnoticed, put a bubble on top of your head and imagine how you’re getting a state honor for it instead. And if you’ve had a splendid day, make a cartoon in your head of yourself that puts an instant smile on anyone’s face who reads it; even yours. It’s like someone, somewhere, once said, “If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.”

Here’s to more spirit and happiness; whether in cartoons or real life. Whether to write or to draw, make sure that creativity isn’t dying. Like we say in Bollywood, the show must go on!

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