She made a locus of sparkling youth and brazen dreams around her soul’s polar axis. While others persevered to harmonize with theirs, she danced around her axis in circles of non-conformity. She lay in gutters dreaming of stars, drank until each atom of her body vibrated with the mirth of the wine, and kissed every frog in search of her prince.

One night, she lay in a crocheted web of herself, he came, she kissed him, and nothing was the same anymore.

4 thoughts on “Enchantment

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  1. What’s this from btw? Something you penned randomly? Or an extract from something you wrote? Or an extract from a book? It seems kind of incomplete or lacking context – since the end was kind of abrupt?


    1. It’s was supposed to be a story in 55 words. I overstepped the word limit so I left it the way it is.

      I just posted it because it needed to get out of my system. When i reflected on it, I think it would have suited itself as a poem better. but then, by the time I had this thought, the bird had already flown. 😉


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