While I wasn’t looking…

Dream catchers
Cinnamon dust
Satin ribbons
Perfect pie crusts
Fairy tales
Silver chains
I knew of pastels
And purple moon rains
Hill view gardens
Forget me nots
I brought home rabbits
To grand mum’s cot
Bright red murals
Cotton handkerchiefs
I potted a plant
On occupied window sills
Wilted leaves
Crumpled whites
Peeling off pictures
No saying goodbyes
Grand mum’s no more
White and pink are passΓ©
Forgotten blooms
Gardens are blasΓ©
A white rotund moon,
Broken colour pencils
Rusted jewellery
Stories don’t stand still
Flat meringues
Dress ends are frayed
Microbial dust
And bloody nightmares

10 thoughts on “While I wasn’t looking…

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      1. It makes me nostalgic about my childhood of course. No other biological milestone that I have crossed yet πŸ™‚

        Pastels, handkerchiefs, rabbits (yes I had rabbits at home) and crumpled whites in particular, evoke fond memories.


  1. Nice one. It has a distinctive flavor of nostalgic melancholia. Although I really don’t know who played with Rabbits in your childhood in a city as crowded as Mumbai πŸ˜› (I certainly didn’t) … But I can relate to the other parts. A question about the very last lines – “microbial dust, and bloody nightmares” – what’s that about??


    1. You’ll be amazed at how many people did. In Mumbai, yes.

      And the poem flips after a point. Everything becomes opposite of what it was at the start. πŸ™‚


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