Is this possible?

The other day I saw a movie called August Rush. It’s a 2007 movie about an 11 year old boy who was put up for adoption at birth by his parents. For 11 years he did everything to avoid going into a foster family because he believes that his parents want him and he will find them someday. His faith is unshaken and one day he runs away to find his parents who, he knows, are looking for him too. Only that he doesn’t term his decision as “running away”. He calls it “following the music”. As it turns out, he is a musical prodigy born to two musician lovers who are not together. The movie is an tale of how this boy not only finds his parents, but also his parents find each other, and in the end they are one big happy family. What the movie essentially said is that if the universe really wills something to happen, it happens come what may. Hell or high water be damned, something that has to happen needs no one’s consent.

Now, it made me think. First of all, if this movie were to be made in Bollywood, we would call it rubbish and simply brand it fek chaap. Really. Who in India wants to believe about the universe? Until something wasn’t written in a book or told by a priest or delivered at a NaMo rally, how can we believe it? But that’s besides the point. This movie made me think of how a small boy had so much faith. I know it’s just a story, but bear with me. He hadn’t ever seen his parents and for 11 years he just “knew” that they wanted him while everyone told him otherwise. And how do the two lovers not forget each other? Is that even possible? Is it possible to have so much faith that you don’t flinch. Yes, may be you cry, but you don’t give up. Where does this kind of faith come from? And how do you let it guide you?

I am curious.


Meanwhile, here’s a superb piece on the guitar from the movie. It was originally composed by Kaki King and it’s called Ritual Dance. And if you know about this thing called unshaken faith, do let me know, will you?


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