100 Happy Days

I completed the 100 Happy Days challenge. I did. Here’s a snapshot.


Day 1: A beautiful screen saver on my Kindle. 🙂

Day 2: Being entrusted to do something which, at one point of time, was the reason that got you a bad reputation, killed your self-esteem, and made life hell. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Day 3: A crazy friend in blue. Also Bookhad meet!! (We were wearing the same colour t-shirt.)

Day 4: Starting my fourth Elif Shafak novel. 

Day 5: Watching a Tarantino movie. What the fun! “The D is silent hillybilly” *shoot shoot shoot*

Day 6: Drinking blueberry and green apple infusion.

Day 7: Having NB sitting between me and NS at work. Fun comes.

Day 8: Acceptance. That the future never works out as planned. That the fellowship breaks. And the road to Mount Doom, to the end of evil, is so fucking hard. That even though one doesn’t understand how things will be fine after so much bad has happened, but still going on because there is some good in this world, and it is worth fighting for.

Day 9: When you give your favourite living author’s bestest book to a friend to read, and they finish it in 5 hours only to call it “phenomenal”.

Day 10: Chori chupana.

Day 11: Fresh fruit juice.

Day 12: Hearing that genuinely flattering compliment about being thin.

Day 13: Running, again. (Started gymming.)

Day 14: Falling down like a child and knowing that the wound will heal, after all.

Day 15: Waking up from a dream in which you were petted with affection and told, “Take all the time you want to think.”

Day 16: Well made arrabiata pasta with lots of black olives making for a superb lunch. Happiness is good food.

Day 17: Being the listening ear for a wonderful woman’s warm stories.

Day 18: Eating momos!

Day 19: Hot chips.

Day 20: My new Chumbak calendar!! A samosa asks chai to be his Valentine. Aur kya chahiye ek Mumbaikar ko? Batao batao!

Day 21: Mirchi ka achaar.

Day 22: Talking to your favourite author over the phone!! 😀

Day 23: That wish in the heart that someday it will get better.

Day 24: Sometimes elusive.

Day 25: Watching Boogie Woogie after a long time. It was one credible show in the 90s.

Day 26: Dreaming.

Day 27: Dancing in your seat!

Day 28: A silent house, and some time alone.

Day 29: A friend who quotes to you your favourite character to knock sense in your head and a song that understands you.

Day 30 – 35: Vacation in Kerala, and ticking the backwaters off your must-visit list.

Day 36: Coming back to friends in office.

Day 37: Doing 500 skips.

Day 38: Receiving a thank you note.

Day 39: Peace in your mind and heart.

Day 40: A new season of Greys’ Anatomy.

Day 41: Bookhads!

Day 42: Chicken nuggets.

Day 43: Having a friend who believes in you specially when you don’t and being gifted a poem written especially for you. 🙂

Day 44: Me time.

Day 45: Watching Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. She is just so endearing.

Day 46: Playing dodge ball with little girls in a park.

Day 47: Dancing on the sofa to the 90s Govinda and Salman songs.

Day 48: Knowing that someone is going to your favourite author’s city and being thrilled for them.

Day 49: Feeling blessed to have a friend who is more excited about your dreams than you are. :’)

Day 50: Freedom.

Day 51: A productive week.

Day 52: A great family dinner!

Day 53: Completing a piece of writing well before scheduled time AND Queen. Hungama ho Gaya. Oh oh oh oh. Hungama ho Gaya. Oh oh oh oh…

Day 54: Long-standing traditions with friends who know you since you were a teenager and in the continuing of those traditions. Happiness is…new friends who are your rock and your sunshine with whom you plan bachelorette trips and watch the big, bad life unfold. Happiness…is also friends who are constants and honest and the reason for lots of laughter. And oh…happiness is receiving 8 books as gifts on your birthday.

Day 55: Listening to good lyrics and feeling happy that all is not lost with Bollywood.

Day 56: Watching a sitcom at the end of the day. #tbbt

Day 57: Separating the grain from the chaff.

Day 58: A great song! #compass #ladyantebellum

Day 59: Romedy Now!

Day 60: A great day out! #dharavitour

Day 61: Using one’s time well.

Day 62: French fries with chilli sauce.

Day 63: A kick-ass treasure hunt! That was some great fun at work. 😀

Day 64: Being cared for. :’)

Day 65: A half-perfect day.

Day 66: Grey’s Anatomy.

Day 67: Going down memory lane and picking up petals that made you smile. In a time that takes you far away from all that you loved and towards all that you will love, in that small space in-between, memories are valuable. #distantplaces #pennmasala

Day 68: Asim posting an image of a patr ghusedan (letter box) and the madness that followed.

Day 69: Dreaming up a life that wasn’t. But hoping that someday it can be.

Day 70: Looking back and connecting the dots.

Day 71: Getting through the week, which you thought you wouldn’t, and how!!

Day 72: Watching the ground fall off my feet.

Day 73: A most anticipated wedding and a family picnic.

Day 74: Sleeping.

Day 75: A person.

Day 76: The Happy Song. #pharellwilliams

Day 77: Discovering the wonders of MS PowerPoint.

Day 78: Implementing them.

Day 79: Loving a fictional character! 

Day 80: Someone’s thoughtfulness.

Day 81: A new year!

Day 82: A golden moon.

Day 83: A smooth day.

Day 84: Polka dots and boy talks, and then realising girls rock. #rubbishrhyme #NS

Day 85: Finishing a book you’d been reading for a month. #aclockworkorange

Day 86: Doodling for self.

Day 87: A great day of conversations. #afriendinthepark #apagalladka #thefather #notebook

Day 88: Striving to be stronger, faster, and braver than I think I am.

Day 89: Kajal.

Day 90: Thick friends on ‘Team Sameen’.

Day 91: An unputdownable book.

Day 92: Loveliest friend’s birthday. #NS

Day 93: Being thrilled for my friends! 😀

Day 94: Whacky friends. The stuff I’ve heard in these days. Phew! #overhwhelmed

Day 95: Receiving a review comment which starts with “Haha” and laughing out loud yourself.

Day 96: A second family and being the elder daughter all over again. Happiness is also a triad.

Day 97: Just a state of being.

Day 98: Rediscovering poetry in people.

Day 99: Silence outside of me and silence inside of me.

Day 100: A photograph, a play, and people. 



That was fun!

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