Snigger. Snigger. Shush.

They say the world is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those who feel. Unequivocally, by nature, I belong to the category that downs the world as a tragedy. It’s just who I am. However, after one year of “feeling”, so to speak, I think I’ve reached a stage where I can start to “think”. I laugh harder than most people at the sad state of affairs that sometimes plague the periphery of my life. And yes, I make memes to spread the cheer.

How P and I feel. We just need a gun.
Because, well, I think God forgot to write anything in my destiny after 2015.

Two days ago in yoga class, we did the usual shavasana to conclude the class. In a very fleeting way, the class was transported to a meditative state where, at least I, was able to fully be present in that moment. When I walked back home, I could find myself fending thoughts of the future and the past and be in the now. I saw the filigree of the tall trees lining the sky, the odd dog shit and the dog lying on the road, and the slow opening up of the day. Not that I am not a reckless observer of anything that I can write romantically about, but that that morning I was not worrying about the to-do lists of the day or the people of my past who I would want to have around. It was an odd thing to do quite honestly, because P and I agonize over idealism and the complete lack of lucidity in the world today. I think we might as well just smoke up ourselves. We need it.

So, on one fine day when I had had a particularly rare satisfying day at work, all I ever wanted to do that late afternoon was to have a baguette with strawberry preserve coupled with a cup of coffee. It was a simple wish that didn’t manifest until today. However, between then and now, the following crackling things have happened:

  1. A general manager taught me some rudimentary Latin. Did you know that data is a plural noun? And the singular for it is the Latin datum? And that ‘thou’ is informal usage. It is meant to be the ‘tu’ we use in Hindi.
  2. We decorated our bay for Diwali. We wrote the Diwali greeting in Urdu. It’s such a beautiful looking script.
  3. Alka Yagnik has sung one of the most exquisitely penned songs of this year. Irshad Kamil’s writing is quite something. Agar Tum Saath Ho. (However wonderful the song, I don’t think it redeems the plot of Tamasha.)
  4. I ate a white Fererro Rocher. Milk chocolate and hazelnut inside the wafer and coated with grated coconut. It’s not a fake. It’s the real thing.

There is much happiness in a buttered bread coated with strawberry jam while the sunshine casts a soft, lilting glow.

Nutella coffee, and baguette spread with butter and strawberry preserve.

I would like to graduate to the thinking kind of person because everyone can do with a good laugh every once in a while.

Just why not?

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