This Year…

I hope that you watch the moon rise over the heads of people very different from you, and yet you love them.
I hope that you watch your words – whether you write them, read them, or say them – and know that sometimes they’re all you have.
I hope that you find comfort in silence whether it be on top of a hill, in someone’s handclasp, or in solitude.
I hope that you laugh so hard with someone that you lean on each other such that your foreheads touch, and tears roll.
I hope that you travel far and wide and it opens your heart such that when you come close to your kith and kin, you are able to look beyond their faults.
I hope that you can find the courage to stay away from anything that doesn’t speak to your soul.
And oh, I hope, above all, you can hear your own heartbeat, loud and clear, in a sea of people and know that you are fully alive.
I hope that your heart is full and so is your wallet. One never got around the world on a penny. Or even if they did, they didn’t do it in a dress.
I hope that you find faith, before anyone else, in yourself, so that when you can’t find it anywhere else you look, you are not bereft.
I hope that your family and friends prosper and find joy wherever they are, and when they do, they roll in it and sprinkle it all around.
I hope that you see clouds in a cup.
I hope that someone who wants to make you smile finds you, and you smile right back.
I hope that your home is warm and filled with the laughter of family and friends.
I hope that when you fail and fall, you have the courage to pick yourself up and ensure that only your wounds are blue and not your heart.
I hope that you do the administrative tasks when no one is looking.
I hope that you write in abandon and edit in measure, and not mix them up like you did the last time.
I hope that you are visited.
I hope that you don’t redefine your dreams based on your losses.
I hope that an elderly person puts their hand on your head and gives you their blessings.
I hope that you go to the middle of nowhere and feel free in your insignificance.
I hope that your imagination finds manifestation, and that your manifestation finds meaning.
I hope that you are loved and whenever you cannot remember it, you are reminded of it.

Happy new year!

Picked this photo from the Internet, because that’s how magical your new year should be.

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  1. It’s beautiful Sam! The kind that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling, that makes you reflect on the tiny wishes you’ve tucked away, the feeling of being loved and also of awe at how wonderfully you can bring them all together! Wish you a fabulous year too my love! And many more years of picturesque, poetic, articulate, awe inspiring, writing that touches a million hearts! :-* 🙂


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