Number 4 on my list of things I don’t like are these people who meet you after a long period of time and they spend the first ten minutes telling you everything that’s wrong with your body or your appearance. I mean, if I want to know all my appearance flaws, I’ll just go to the fitting room of a store at the mall. The lights and my own sense of insecurity fed by a $750 billion industry does a good job of it. I don’t need you, you know?

I had kept this list to blog about it, but I forgot to jot down more things. So I don’t have enough content about my pet peeves. Therefore, this post will soon become about other things such as – I spent all of Ash Wednesday wondering about what I should give up for Lent. I couldn’t come up with anything, and then I forgot about Lent, too. Last week was massively packed so much so that I didn’t have time to think about the God who doesn’t think about me. I think that makes us even. So, we’re good.

For a few days, I’ve been feeling the void of a best friend in my life. I’m immensely blessed to have the friends I do, and just two days ago I found out how I’m cared for anonymously. But I’ve been feeling the need to have a best friend. The whole “joined at the hip” kind of thing, you know? I don’t know if I’m made for that sort of friendship, but I can’t remember the last time a friend knew what I wanted or how I’m feeling without me having to explicitly spell it out. A best friend wouldn’t have to be told. No?

Of course this will go away; float away like a fallen green leaf on the giddy waves of the flowing river. Much as most other things do. Much as Lent will go by and I’ll think of Boy and how I used to badger him for not having eaten an Easter Egg, ever. Much as these people who will keep telling me I have dark circles and my face has no glow. Much as this time will go by and we’ll learn to live without the things we don’t have.

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