Quick Update

Folks, this is a quick update about my blog address that I want to send out to the Internetverse.

Going forward, the TLD link for this blog will be amarllyis.in and not amarllyis.com. I’ve made this change due to some migration in hosting so that I could be back on WordPress yada yada. For now, all links from amarllyis.com will be automatically forwarded to amarllyis.in. I am going to keep the forwarding on for a couple of months. For now, both amarllyis.com and amarllyis.in will redirect to this blog. But in future, I plan to use just amarllyis.in. A few months should be okay to socialise this teeny tiny change, no?

Just wanted to send out this message before I retire the amarllyis.com TLD so I don’t become one of those painful people who keep changing their phone numbers and if you’ve ever known one of those buggers, you’ll know how annoying that is.

Much love. ♥️

Thanks for reading.

🦋 🦋 🦋

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