The Boggart

There is an open space at the client office which has a very high ceiling, a fish pond (rectangle more like it) on one side, and potted plants on the other. Although there is nothing particularly welcoming about this particular client, this open space is something that I absolutely love. Every time I pass by... Continue Reading →

Do you know how big the ocean is?

Foster father asked me this question a few months ago. He thought I was refusing to look beyond what I had, the people I knew, and the experiences I journeyed through. Especially because I was completely snug in my little shell of salmon-pink. Now that I look around and see how big the ocean really... Continue Reading →

An Ode the day that was full, brimming, and wholesome. The heart wishes that one could write more, and tired mind escapes expressions that it could otherwise easily catch. But as this day comes to a close, the heart can't describe feelings to lends words that the mind can match. One of those days that should be multiplied, and... Continue Reading →

The One Minute Life

Two sachets of milk powder. One sachet of coffee. One sachet of sugar. Mix it all together and on it, pour hot water heated in an electric kettle lying on the table. Voila! Coffee is made.***Over the years, I have come to live a very comfortable life. From being that girl who would travel in... Continue Reading →

100 Happy Days

I completed the 100 Happy Days challenge. I did. Here's a snapshot. *** Day 1: A beautiful screen saver on my Kindle. 🙂 Day 2: Being entrusted to do something which, at one point of time, was the reason that got you a bad reputation, killed your self-esteem, and made life hell. What doesn't kill you... Continue Reading →

When Words Fail

Today, someone's mother affectionately touched my cheek so as to offer some love and imply I was being a child. Well, I guess I was. For a few days now, I have had composite emotions brewing inside me. I haven't been able to segregate them and choose what to feel when. Doesn't it happen that... Continue Reading →

Sound Advice

Today has been an absolutely rubbish day up until now. The perfectly-oiled machine that is my routine hit a snag. All attempts to restore order were laughed in the face by ridiculously dressed curveballs. I couldn't find solace in all my calm-headed decisions, conversations, or even the old friends and music pill. Now that I... Continue Reading →

Excursions – Mental and Physical

Venturing out of the house in the evening is a forgotten excursion. Unlike the days when it was an exciting compulsion to go down to play or meet up with school friends who lived close by, current evenings are routinely spent traveling back home from work. Today was an exception. I was at home, and in the... Continue Reading →

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