J for Joy

To me, joy isn’t anything alone. In fact, joy is a mash up of so many more parcels; many more Js. One of ‘em is Jingle Bells. And this one's right around the corner. And this one reminds me, each year, how joy multiplies by leaving a gift under a tree. (I’m not Christian, and... Continue Reading →

H for Home Sweet Home

My first recollection of the word home was a V upside down over my head. I was 3 and it was kindergarten. That was enough for me. When I was 4 I learnt the word house. And the phrase ‘Home Sweet Home’. And my curiosity got the better of me. Why didn’t the phrase say... Continue Reading →

Guest Post 6

TEACHER'S PET Students are milestones in a teacher's life. Teachers are sands in time to a student's progress. Some teachers are remembered by many students, many teachers are remembered by some students and few teachers are often best not remembered by all students. Whatever the category, teachers are still like a guiding light. Each teacher... Continue Reading →

Guest Post 5

I MISS... It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in, what I consider to be the most spectacular season of the city, the Rainy season. There I sat at my window sill reading for the n-th time 'To Kill A Mockingbird' while the computer played 'Lemon Tree'. The freshness of the leaves, the amazingly brightness unto... Continue Reading →

Guest Post 4

THE MAN AND HIS MANY WOMEN Her face was hidden behind: Why Men are from Mars, and Women from Venus. His, behind The Times of India. They sat silent while the tea grew cold. Not a word, not a murmur but conclusions drew fast- about men and the world respectively. She said, “Do you know... Continue Reading →

Guest Post 3

The White Guy and the Red Guy (Alarm ringing) Me : ..... Wtf...? Him: ....Mmmpph..... (Alarm ringing) Me: ....(reaching out and shutting the damn thing).... Him: ....Hrrmmmmph.... . . . (About Three hours later) Me: ...I should get up... Him: .......No..... Me: It's 11 .. come on.. Him: .... No, my head hurts... . .... Continue Reading →

Guest Post 2

The wait that didn't last long enough... Rehan was sitting at the airport waiting for Ayesha to show up. She’d been out in Bangalore for a week to visit her mother and as long as Rehan could remember this might’ve been the most difficult week of his life. At least since the time he got... Continue Reading →

Guest Post 1

ONCE UPON A LITTLE TIME... Part 1: Screw rhyming schemes Once upon a little time, there lived a little boy. With a simple enough mind and a simple enough life, Spread laughter did he, like a kindergarten toy. But one thing not too simple, there was about Johnny Owner was he, of a hole in... Continue Reading →

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