All of Me

Day (n - 11)  A Moment of Immense Joy; 3:19 pm Receives a set of books from a dear friend. 97 books from 97 different countries. Feels cared for. Feels like someone is listening. Day (n - 10) Map Hunting; 11:45 am Scours the Internet for a good world map to start the book reading... Continue Reading →

This Year…

I hope that you watch the moon rise over the heads of people very different from you, and yet you love them. I hope that you watch your words - whether you write them, read them, or say them - and know that sometimes they're all you have. I hope that you find comfort in... Continue Reading →

2015 Resolutions? Well, Why Not?

Here's my impromptu, unplanned list of resolutions for 2015. Of course, I'm just building on what I imagine the future to be. I think that basing your future decisions on the past is a misunderstanding. It causes one to be prejudiced about what is to come rather than open up and embrace what is to... Continue Reading →

Sprinkled Sentiments #14

If you have been reading this blog for a long time and you don't know what this is, well...umm...ahem! If you've newly stumbled here, this is my random list of 25 things that I write whenever I feel like it. 350. On my way back home, a recurring thought propped up in my mind -... Continue Reading →

100 Happy Days

I completed the 100 Happy Days challenge. I did. Here's a snapshot. *** Day 1: A beautiful screen saver on my Kindle. 🙂 Day 2: Being entrusted to do something which, at one point of time, was the reason that got you a bad reputation, killed your self-esteem, and made life hell. What doesn't kill you... Continue Reading →

Sprinkled Sentiments # 13

I had started out this post as a list of all those things that annoy me, but somehow, as I was typing I decided to keep it the classic Sprinkled Sentiments list that I have been writing sporadically over the years. Lots of unwanted incidents have been occurring, and everytime I try to adapt to... Continue Reading →

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