Capital Letters

Allow me, dear readers, to tell you what an absolutely smashing week I've had. You could set the entire week to the tune of Uptown Funk and no event, no casual sidelong glance, no smile would miss a beat. If this week were a song, it would be #1 on the Spotify Mood Booster playlist.... Continue Reading →

Feel It Still

The first time I found myself introduced to the thought as a coherent and verbalised expression was when I read it in a letter. It was a time of great contradictions. These words came like unannounced rain washing everything and leaving behind a dampness that just wouldn’t go away. My head became clear, cold, and... Continue Reading →

The Long Road

The other day I was at a Nikah among people I had only heard about but not met. In a conversation I was having, a woman used the word 'travesty'. And I was taken aback, but then made a mental note that it was such a beautiful day to get married. One of my friends... Continue Reading →

Five Songs on my Playlist

Not intended to add to the overflowing lists on the Internet, but well, this is a list. The thing about reading and music, as I have realised recently, is that re-discovering them is a whole new kind of elation. Which goes to say, I am elated. So, here's my (short) list of songs that I... Continue Reading →


There is a lot of happiness in the air. If it were possible, I would see red and white confetti swirling and descending from the skies. I would see the sunlight skidding on the surface of lakes. I would see small huts made with glistening honey held upright with butterscotch forming a kaleidoscope during the day. I would... Continue Reading →

A World Without Borders

Sometimes, I wish I could live in a world without borders; any kind of borders. I wish I could rise above my anger and not allow it to overpower my sanity. I wish that I could forgive without someone inside me asking me to; and then forget. I wish that I could let go of... Continue Reading →

In My Veins

In the final episode of Castle - Season 4, a song plays in the background as Castle's daughter, Alex, talks about goodbyes on her graduation day. The song touched a chord in me (other than the obvious one) and I Googled it. The song is In My Veins by Andrew Belle. Although, it isn't one... Continue Reading →

A Love Affair

First of all, apologies that this post comes so late in the day. It's as overdue as overdue can be and as important as important can be. Getting straight to it. This is the story of a love affair. It began a long time ago, when a man named Ranbir Kapoor acted in a movie called Rockstar. This story... Continue Reading →

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