They say heaven is a place where there are rivers of milk and honey, trees abundant with the juiciest fruits, houses that resemble palaces, and everyone is joyous all the time. (Never in my life have I heard about the 72 virgins theory, just FYI.) There's a heaven seven skies above us, apparently, and one... Continue Reading →


I've been having trouble with forgiveness. It's just not my greatest strength these days. I suspect that it's the root of having most things stuck up where they are. I fear that what I write here will be used against me, as it has been done in the past. There's no forgiveness for people trespassing... Continue Reading →

Let There be Space

Locked up for more than nine months, there are thoughts in their mind that have outgrown their stay, festered, and even forgotten. I've not gotten them out. And even if I have, they've been so poorly said that their magnificence or their decadence has not been properly acknowledged. It's time that I break the chains.... Continue Reading →

Time Travel

I don't think I want to travel by plane anymore. I've taken too many flights recently. They speed up time. I want to take a train to the North next. It will change soil every few hours. It will slow down time.

In a Flash

The other day a memory came back to me; one that I had lost. I was strolling outside the mosque next to the Spice Bazaar at Eminonu. There were a lot of pigeons stuttering on the ground. In small booths sat frail, old women who sold pigeon food for 1 lira, each in a tiny... Continue Reading →

One Night, and Thereafter

Yesterday, I attended a very beautiful talk at a Literature Festival. My visit to the festival made me realize what I had been sorely missing out on this year. Although I attended just one session, was hugged by a known writer, and then walked around Bandra alone on a cool winter’s night, it was reassuring... Continue Reading →


There is something heart-warming about a letter in the mail. No, not those kinds that deflect their cowardice on you for some sort of self-importance. (Yes, you. I’m talking to you. You’re on my blog. Happy much?) Going back to the part about the letter in the mail. I use email quite a bit, and... Continue Reading →

From Here to There

I put a lot of limits on myself. When I spend a whole week doing activities beyond my reach and capacity, I watch myself and feel surprised. Then, I tell myself to slow down. How can I do so much? When I live unbounded for some periods, I feel that I have had enough and must... Continue Reading →

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