When Rockstar's album came out, I fell headlong in love. There was no recovering from it. All of it was like a story knitted together in perfection - the music, the lyrics, the singers - it was exactly how magic is meant to be. Those days were the times of CDs and I had its... Continue Reading →

The Rain Must Fall

*Technically, this post is about yesterday* This morning I told someone I had a feeling today would be an extraordinary day. I had enough time in the morning to lather myself with copious amounts of Bath and Body Works moisturiser, which meant that I ended smelling of fresh eucalyptus (and I still do). Something gave... Continue Reading →

Make Muscle

A student's all-nighter slips away unnoticed, but compare that with a carpenter's and you won't get any sleep if you're in the vicinity. Students must get some credit for slipping away into the night without much notice, and carpenter's must get more days, and more pay. That was bloody hard work that went on under... Continue Reading →

Happiness is in Repetition

I've been thinking about 'time' quite a bit for a few days now. I've also been thinking about language. However, time more than language. It seems as though time tends to cement certain experiences, people, and beliefs in our life. We're like granite and time, the pressure. We form later upon layer and time cements... Continue Reading →

Long Overdue Letter

Dear God, I know we don't get along anymore, but I need help - the magical kind of an intervention and so, who better to write to, than you. It is a universally acknowledged fact, by most people at least, that you exist and you can turn around anything. Quite honestly, even I believed so... Continue Reading →


I'm a little overwhelmed today. So, all plans of ensuring that I write better, and dish out posts that are an extrapolation of my observations rather than an expression of them, will have to take a back seat for a little more while. I have an Android phone now, and this is my first post... Continue Reading →

Making it Plain

I have returned home from a buffet dinner. It was a peaceful, full meal - nothing extraordinary to write home about. However, as I made my way back, I vowed not to do this again for a long time. I don't want to go for dinners or lunches, outside. I just don't feel up to... Continue Reading →

My Donut

Sometimes I wonder why does my spirit slouch and call it a day, even before I've had a chance to get through my working hours. Or why do I give up because I get tired of trudging on? What about resting and hitching on to the ride again? What about that, really?I like songs that... Continue Reading →

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