I have come to a decision that the world's problems are not my own. I don't have permission to go to pieces every time a tragedy occurs somewhere on this planet. This doesn't mean that I won't plant a tree. It just means that I won't fucking plant it because the world needs it. I... Continue Reading →

Crime and Punishment

I think it's a crime to smother and kill someone else's dreams. Every time dreams die, the world becomes a bleaker place. The punishment we get for it is the world we're living in.

How Words Get Written

After the signing-off line in my last travelogue post, I realised that there is nothing such as a frustrated post. How can a post be frustrated? A post can be about frustration, and not frustrated itself. You get what I mean? So, here I am. Not frustration so much, but just to express how tough the... Continue Reading →

Dilute Resolutions

This morning I was quickly going to write about how I decided to re-include reading in my schedule. I told myself - no matter if my travel is just 15 mins in the train, I shall dedicate those 15 mins solely for reading. Also, I decided to read a book written by a male author. This has... Continue Reading →


Days pass in great swathes of knowing. The knowing that we usually crave. Today, it struck me that I have arrived. I know where I'll find the left over handkerchiefs from yesterday and where I can pick up daily doses of self-flagellation. I know the songs waiting for me over souvenirs I have collected and... Continue Reading →

And yes, that’s just my opinion!

I've been meaning to blog about a class I took recently. After some prodding by a colleague, I joined what I call a 'syllable' class. Of course, the right way to call it would be the Stress and Intonation class, but I call it the 'syllable' class. These are enhancement classes that take place in... Continue Reading →

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