Of Being Eight and Older…

I am an incorrigible romantic. I think the world is beautiful and every thing that is nice and lovely outweighs the dark and unnecessary. I am hopelessly idealistic. Or I was. I find it easy not to associate myself with anything that interferes my peace of mind. If I want to sleep a little extra, I will.... Continue Reading →

Spools of Thread

I have a hundred thoughts in my mind. A thousand, if you will. It's a shame I can't point one out from another. My mind that was once a neat room decked with colourful spools of threads. Threads of all kinds. Now, those spools of threads have fallen off their places, and have entangled in... Continue Reading →

The Week That Was

This week, in one word, has been draining. Draining. On Monday, the auto drivers were on strike, and I was rather happy. For the sole reason that there would be no traffic on the roads and commuting would be lesser of a pain in my back. (I have a back ache problem. And I'm not... Continue Reading →

Finding What You Need

Recently, I found a book of quotes and poems I collected while I was a teenager. (That does make me sound old, but I'll keep that aside for now.) The book, with flowers and birds on it, is full of hope, love, friendship, little stars, and lots of warmth and optimism. It is refreshing to... Continue Reading →

Forgiving Myself

I have a little bit of an ego problem. I also have the ability to accept a sticky situation and reach out to make it right, doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong. I thank God that the acceptance is more than the ego. I've been in spots in the last some odd months where... Continue Reading →

Journeys and Destinations

In spite of what transpired last night, I managed to wake up on time and catch my regular train. I am generally not a sucker for timelines, so I do miss my trains and buses that provide me free transport for a more customised way of living that costs me some dirty cash. Back to... Continue Reading →

Letting Go…

Self expression has become such a task these days. Writing, a form of self-expression, has not been my greatest friend in the last couple of months; and that is not a very well kept secret. This blog, that now lies barren, I am scared will turn into nothing more than an epitaph of the person... Continue Reading →

(On your) Mark

I have a few marks on my right cheek. The kinds that girls have if they touched their face with their nails. Yeah, that kind. Until a while back, I did not give a damn. Now, I do. I mean, since the last 3 days I've been noticing them and they're irritating me. They shouldn't be there,... Continue Reading →

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