David Casts a Long Shadow

Three niches punctured a wall of the house To contain our weighing historical selves “A cross and a rihaal,” you said to me “Or one rosary?” I shrugged not knowing. You wanted a crucifix; I sought paint – White bulbs installed in tinted mauve niches. We couldn’t arrive at an agreement So we hung our... Continue Reading →


I'm not going to write titles that sum up my post, anymore. I'm going to leave a letter here a word there and be done with it. So that people have to read through it to know what it's about. So that in my small way, I rebel against the clickbaits and get slowly pushed... Continue Reading →

The Number 12

The Prophet Jacob had twelve sons, the Prophet Jesus twelve apostles. Prophet Joseph, whose story is told in the 12th surah of the Qur’an, was his father’s favourite child. Twelve loaves of bread the Jews placed at their tables. Twelve golden lions guarded the throne of Solomon. There were six steps up to the throne,... Continue Reading →

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