The Number 12

The Prophet Jacob had twelve sons, the Prophet Jesus twelve apostles. Prophet Joseph, whose story is told in the 12th surah of the Qur’an, was his father’s favourite child. Twelve loaves of bread the Jews placed at their tables. Twelve golden lions guarded the throne of Solomon. There were six steps up to the throne, and, since every climb had a descent, that meant six steps down, twelve in total. Twelve cardinal beliefs wafted through the land of Hindustan. Twelve imams succeeded the Prophet Mohammed in the Shia creed. Twelve stars ornamented Mary’s crown. And a boy named Jahan had barely completed twelve years of his life when he saw Istanbul for the very first time. – Elif Safak, The Architect’s Apprentice

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  1. For a most thoughtful look at numerology, the pagan world view, and how these things remain alive in our own consciousness, see D. H. Lawrence’s wonderful little non-fiction book, “Apocalypse.”


  2. For obvious reasons, this reminds me of the seven horcruxes, seven years at Hogwarts, seven Weasleys, seven players in Quidditch and seven hundred ways to commit a foul. Then obviously the seven books, magic being revealed by the age of seven, seven secret passage ways, seven floors in Hogwarts and Harry’s birthday in July-the seventh month.

    Obviously not related. But obviously I had to think of it and tell you.

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