On Cowardice and Flights

There's enough space for cowardice. Like everything expands in direct proportion to the availability of space, so does this nimble inability to be courageous. Cowardice does not involve accountability and the responsibility of meeting with unanticipated outcomes as does bravery. That cowardice brings on consequences which can be best dealt with indifference is another matter... Continue Reading →

From Here to There

I put a lot of limits on myself. When I spend a whole week doing activities beyond my reach and capacity, I watch myself and feel surprised. Then, I tell myself to slow down. How can I do so much? When I live unbounded for some periods, I feel that I have had enough and must... Continue Reading →


A little over a few months ago, I happened to be in a meeting with an auditor. I guess they’d like to call it an audit—so that was what I as in—an audit. He’s someone I used to (and still do) see every day but we never got around to talking to each other. Somehow,... Continue Reading →

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