When Words Fail

Today, someone's mother affectionately touched my cheek so as to offer some love and imply I was being a child. Well, I guess I was. For a few days now, I have had composite emotions brewing inside me. I haven't been able to segregate them and choose what to feel when. Doesn't it happen that... Continue Reading →

And so it has been…

Yesterday, I met an Irish woman who is on a visit to India. She's actually spending time in Goa but dropped in to see the city. Alone. Her friend didn't want to leave Baga beach I was told. We spoke a little, of cities, of people in cities, of people staring at tourists in cities,... Continue Reading →

And yes, that’s just my opinion!

I've been meaning to blog about a class I took recently. After some prodding by a colleague, I joined what I call a 'syllable' class. Of course, the right way to call it would be the Stress and Intonation class, but I call it the 'syllable' class. These are enhancement classes that take place in... Continue Reading →

Of Tomato Ketchup, Among Other Things

They add tomato ketchup for taste All they have to do is squeeze a bottle To add flavor Where’s the hard work in that? Where’s the hard work of boiling tomatoes, and tempering them? Of measuring vinegar, and seeing the red simmer to turn crimson? What about the time spent waiting for the puree to... Continue Reading →

Sunrise, Sunset and In-Between

I watched the movie Before Sunset this weekend. I saw the first part, Before Sunrise, a while ago and I couldn't stop feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after I saw it. Not because it's supposed to be an "unconventional" love story, but because I think the writing is so terrific that it is phenomenal.... Continue Reading →

Letting Go…

Self expression has become such a task these days. Writing, a form of self-expression, has not been my greatest friend in the last couple of months; and that is not a very well kept secret. This blog, that now lies barren, I am scared will turn into nothing more than an epitaph of the person... Continue Reading →

Of Feeling and Thinking

Work is relaxed right now. We still haven't jumped into deep waters, and everyone is adrift with just enough to do and almost nothing to do. It's a scarily delicate balance. One prod here and we'll have our hands full. One nudge there and we can while away time just as we please! So, basically... Continue Reading →

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