Inducing Paranoia, and Consequences

I have sufficiently worried myself, and panicked myself to the edge of the grave after the health scare last week. That I haven't died is because of the patient Bookhads (and some scolding from Ut k), N, Boy, and yes, my mother. Everyone else, apart from me, is convinced that there's nothing wrong with me,... Continue Reading →

On Reading Quick

The book being The Silver Linings Playbook. In an extraordinary turn of events, the trailer of the movie made me pick up the book. More so because I cannot watch the movie during Ramzan but I can read a book. Teehee. 😀 amarllyis 1; Movie Abstinence 0. Must say that it's a swift, wonderfully written debut novel.... Continue Reading →

Book Polygamy

Everything has a past, present and future. In the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the past, present and future are remarkably pickled. It's a joy ride to say the least; to shuttle between the past and future and realise that at any given point of time your present is overlapping the past or... Continue Reading →

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