On Reading Quick

The book being The Silver Linings Playbook.

In an extraordinary turn of events, the trailer of the movie made me pick up the book. More so because I cannot watch the movie during Ramzan but I can read a book. Teehee. 😀 amarllyis 1; Movie Abstinence 0. Must say that it’s a swift, wonderfully written debut novel. I finished it in just 2 days.

Quick Summary – Pat is out of an institution and is working hard towards being the best version of himself so he can get his wife, Nikki, back. Enter Tiffany – a “crazy” woman who keeps following him whenever he goes running. That is enough for a story. Matthew Quick’s narrator, Pat, is as endearing as a child, and in no point of the book did I feel sorry for him in spite of his horrid past, therapy sessions, pill popping, and an absolute goner of a quest. His unshakeable spirit kept everything going – himself, his movie, and his pursuit for silver linings.

What I took away from this book is how people who are in the same place understand each other better. It also kind of reaffirmed what I’ve suspected about companionship – opposites don’t attract; similarities do, and they keep you there. Although, I got bored by the elaborate descriptions about American football, I do realise it was essential. I noticed a few obvious deviations in the trailer – his father is an immersive father in the trailer, which I like better. (Also, he is Robert De Niro!) In the trailer, Pat tells Tiffany that he loves her; nothing of this sort happens in the book. In the trailer, Pat’s parents seem to have a functional relationship; not so in the book. Three reasons why I believe I will like the movie even though it’s deviated from the book:

  1. Something magnificent about having fathers taking an interest in their children’s lives without being interfering.
  2. Call me orthodox, but it’s so lovely when a man tells a woman he loves her. First. I find myself screaming in my head, “Tell her you love her, dammit! Tell her.”
  3. Parents must have functional relationships.

Been a really long time since I have cried after reading a book. It’s rare. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

Looking forward to seeing the movie.

Watch The Silver Linings Playbook Trailer. If you need the ebook, write to me.

P.S.: Must. Stop. Hoarding. Ebooks.


Saw the movie. Yes, I have loved it for all the reasons mentioned above. I just wish it were a little more true to the book. Everything they say about the movie is true. Also, yes, I cried.

3 thoughts on “On Reading Quick

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  1. Read the book after watching the movie trailer. Not because the trailer seemed great but because it starred Brad. Yeah, star crushes can turn you totally insane, but the good kind of insane.
    I feel you’ll love the movie..Well, you know that too, don’t you?
    P.S. Liked the book, loved the movie (Brad is absolutely stunning as always), plus your review!


    1. Wow. That makes two of us. 🙂 I don’t really have such a crush, you know.

      I saw the dance scene. hides face why is it not the song that is in the book?

      P.S.: This is just my musing. Will write a proper review on Bookhad. 🙂 Thanks, though.


  2. Haven’t read the book so far. Might not get around to it ever (long list of to-be-read!)
    But I can say I absolutely love the movie. Superb direction, terrific cast and a taut screenplay with a dark but passionate and matured love-story. What’s not to like? Plus Jennifer Lawrence Much ❤ 😛


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