Conversations: Part 2

As it is with most people, even I tend to mythify my past, turn it into a montage of events and coloured emotions. However, of late I have realised I tend to remember some sequences that repeat in the theater of my mind over and over again. I suspect when I am old and starting... Continue Reading →


It's a yellow summer morning; as I open my diary. And on this grey cloudy night; I read about a girl I used to be. I read about the high swings. I read about the delicious cakes. I read about frequent crimson smiles. And I read of retrospective mistakes. I read of the dreams I... Continue Reading →

Excerpt From a Diary

Date: 4 October 2008Day: SaturdayThe sunlight streamed onto the table where I was sitting.I picked my belonging and coffee cup and moved to another table. Looking at the previously occupied table I wondered if it was feeling hot. And then I reminded myself that it was a ‘table’. It was inanimate. I was spending time... Continue Reading →

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