Comes and Goes (In Waves)

Earlier this year, I read Things I Don't Want to Know by Deborah Levy. It's a first person narrative of the South African writer and her answer to George Orwell's essay, "Why I Write". At the time, I was also reading another book in which there is an Egyptian character who is a paying guest... Continue Reading →

A to Z

And this is the post where I write something that symbolizes the end of one year and the beginning of another; for my blog, that is. So, keeping in tandem with all the clichés I should be writing about… reminiscences maybe, or hope; laughter and gratitude even; or maybe an account of my escapades during... Continue Reading →

J for Joy

To me, joy isn’t anything alone. In fact, joy is a mash up of so many more parcels; many more Js. One of ‘em is Jingle Bells. And this one's right around the corner. And this one reminds me, each year, how joy multiplies by leaving a gift under a tree. (I’m not Christian, and... Continue Reading →

Analysis For My Confused Self!

Sometimes I do wonder how difficult life could get. I do wonder that life is complicated at times. And certain things that seemed simple to me a few years ago seem so very complicated now. Things like family, friendship, love, success, failure, religion and even death. All of them seemed like a part of this... Continue Reading →

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