Analysis For My Confused Self!

Sometimes I do wonder how difficult life could get. I do wonder that life is complicated at times. And certain things that seemed simple to me a few years ago seem so very complicated now. Things like family, friendship, love, success, failure, religion and even death. All of them seemed like a part of this journey that we are on but somehow, I’ve come to realise that they are not parts but a whole entity in themselves. Sometimes I feel incapable of handling all of it at once. And I do wonder if anyone else feels the same too. I do think that I am just a tiny part of this universe that we have been thrown into and at times I won’t be able to handle all the pressure that comes with all those parts of life.


The beautiful picture: Family is the most basic unit of us. It is that part of us that will remain the same come what may. Whatever happens in the world our family will remain a part of us. It makes us what we are and it gives us a sense of coming home after a long day.

The not-so-beautiful picture: There is also a picture that I have seen in all this while now of this basic unit being a source of discomfort to some. Not only us teenagers, who think that everyone is out to get us. But also to adults. When discord seeps into a family it can be like a pain that might never go away.

My dreamer self tells me that all families are perfect in some ways that we can never imagine. It’s just that we are too busy to notice.

My practical self tells me that all happy families require work and that nothing comes just out of the blue.

My reality self tells me that as time moves on people do change, grow up and do tend to demand space and move on so it can’t be hunky-dory always.


The beautiful picture: According to me, all friendships that are formed over a long period of time are perfect. I do think that friendships are really really important and that in many ways our friends make life worth all the things that come with it. Friends love you, support you, spend time with you, criticise you and be with you all life long.

The not-so-beautiful picture: I have seen solid friendships fall apart. During school my teacher once told us that ‘The best of friends can make the worst of enemies’. I argued with her saying that she was wrong because if 2 people are friends they can never hate each other. Today, I hate to admit that she was right!

My dreamer self tells me that friendship is the best gift we can give ourselves.

My practical self tells me that there are times when people do change with time and friendships just simmer down without being adulterated by hate.

My reality self tells me that all friendships if taken care of with respect and care can last a life time. But it requires a lot of work and is worth it!


The beautiful picture: Love makes the world go round, or so I think! I don’t really have a lot to contribute to this subject as I happen to have very confused thoughts about it. Anyway, love is a beautiful emotion that all of us should experience. And it makes life seem like one big party!!!

The not-so-beautiful picture: When the saxophone and violins stop playing and the music dies, relationships fall apart leaving behind a bitterness that brings a little more animosity in the world. Hearts break and eyes cry.

My dreamer self tells me that true love does exist. If God gave us such an emotion then somewhere he gave us true love too.

My practical self tells me that, for heaven’s sake, all this is just a rush of hormones and once the rush is over so is the passion for one another. After that what keeps a relation going is the friendship that they share!

My reality self tells me that, there are people who can be in love forever but then again they are plain lucky!


The beautiful picture: Success is something all of us desire and it sure works like an aphrodisiac. It brings a lot of opportunities and smiles with it! It brings adulation and respect. It helps you aim higher.

The not-so-beautiful picture: It’s very difficult to find someone who is happy for you when you succeed. It also brings a lot of jealousy, malice and enemies along with it. You can fall anytime.

My dreamer self tells me that success is something that will come to each of us for sure!

My practical self tells me that all the success is momentary and that you have to continuously work.

My reality self tells me that all success in the world is a product of hard work and that sometimes it is possible that it may not come to you at all.


The beautiful picture: I wonder what could be beautiful about failure, but the only thing that comes to my mind is something that I realised myself: it’s great when you fall because after that you just have to get up! And going up is something someone likes a lot. I believe that we should create from ruins, we will know what not to pick!

The not-so-beautiful picture: as obvious as it seems, failure hurts and you can feel lost. It can shatter confidence, it can kill desire and also impart sadness! It is definitely not desirable to anyone!

My dreamer self tells me it’s ok to fail once in a while! You will get up soon!

My practical self tells me that failing is required and as important as success!

My reality self tells me that every failure is accompanied by a blessing in disguise.


The beautiful picture: religion does give you a way of life. It gives you a God to believe in, complain to, pray to and teach you a way of life. It is an aspect of life that everybody identifies with at some point or another and it is also something that will not change come what may!

The not-so-beautiful picture: I really think that God should reveal himself and ask all of us to worship Him the way he wants us to. All of us have twisted and turned religion over thousands of years and made it as complicated as complicated can get! Religion divides humans! It does!

My dreamer self tells me that religion should teach us tolerance and one day all of us will learn it.

My practical self tells me that whatever I may say is not going to change the way religions do exist in the world so I should shut up!

My reality self tells me that it my help having different religions. (My reality self is as confused as me in this context!)


The beautiful picture: For heaven’s sake there isn’t any!

The not-so-beautiful picture:It hurts!

My dreamer self tells me that it is a part of life I must learn to accept it.

My practical self tells me that it is a part of life I must learn to accept it.

My reality self tells me that that it is a part of life I must learn to accept it.

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