Jolts, and then, Silence

Last week I was reminded by a friend that I have cancelled not one but two trips, and consequently, I have paid an inordinate amount of money to a couple of Airlines for being a sitting duck. It has got everything to do with the fact that I just don't want to get on to... Continue Reading →

Make Muscle

A student's all-nighter slips away unnoticed, but compare that with a carpenter's and you won't get any sleep if you're in the vicinity. Students must get some credit for slipping away into the night without much notice, and carpenter's must get more days, and more pay. That was bloody hard work that went on under... Continue Reading →

The Boggart

There is an open space at the client office which has a very high ceiling, a fish pond (rectangle more like it) on one side, and potted plants on the other. Although there is nothing particularly welcoming about this particular client, this open space is something that I absolutely love. Every time I pass by... Continue Reading →


Fear. The one emotion which is betrayed every time it makes itself apparent to its host. The one emotion which has been at the receiving end of every warrior’s bleeding sword; of every writer’s lethal pen; of every padre’s lively eloquence and of every child’s hindered imagination. I have been aligned with cowardice and shame... Continue Reading →

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