Insatiable Desires

All truth is either judgement or observation. *** Some people are never happy with anything they have. They can't find in themselves that satisfying feeling which tells them, "Oh yes, this is pretty good. I feel fine." No, they don't. There's never enough. Not enough sugar in tea. Not enough talking over the phone. Not... Continue Reading →

Spools of Thread

I have a hundred thoughts in my mind. A thousand, if you will. It's a shame I can't point one out from another. My mind that was once a neat room decked with colourful spools of threads. Threads of all kinds. Now, those spools of threads have fallen off their places, and have entangled in... Continue Reading →


Most people dedicate their thanks to God or spirits. As I believe in neither, this thankful note is to a kid who through his act of random kindness left an indelible mark in my memory and conscience. I request those reading this note not to expect the regular dose of puerile sarcasm or cynicism. These... Continue Reading →

G for Gratitude

I almost crashed today. Yes. Yesterday, my status said, “I think I need to stretch myself a little.” And I guess someone up there was listening and he fulfilled my prayer! There was no way in hell that a human being can do the amount of work I have done today in the time span... Continue Reading →

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