G for Gratitude

I almost crashed today. Yes. Yesterday, my status said, “I think I need to stretch myself a little.” And I guess someone up there was listening and he fulfilled my prayer! There was no way in hell that a human being can do the amount of work I have done today in the time span given to me. I’m not surprised at myself but I’m surprised at life. Yes, I do have another 6 hours to go before today ends and I can use that time to write this post to make sure it is devoid of errors. But I know that once I’m off the computer and on my way home, and by the time I walk into my house I won’t have the energy to even eat. The week has been draining. Generally, I have emotionally draining days. This week was intellectually draining and I think I’ve done pretty well for myself. Today was stretching the deal a little too far, in terms of work I mean, as a follow up to my yesterday’s status. (God, by stretching I meant to reasonable limits.) I knew I’d crash or maybe vent it on some unsuspecting person (mostly, my mom) but the saving grace of the day was the Christmas Carol Practice that we had at work today. It was refreshing.  And I feel ok now. Honest. It may be just a practice session, but then again, it reminds me of the things in life that I am grateful for. I’m grateful to be in a place that allows me to stretch my capabilities and hone what I posses.

The other day I was on my way to work. When I walked out of Chembur station, I saw a really old woman begging by stopping people. Apparently, she was very hungry. I did not know what to make of that sight so early in the morning so I just pulled the fruits my mother had given me for lunch and gave it to her. I did not stop to see how she reacted. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. I looked up in the sky and told God something (That’s between me and Him) and then in retrospect I felt grateful for having food at lunch.

One of my close friends shared with us “happy news” some days ago. Today she came back and told us that the “happy news” had turned into “sad news”. I wrote this mail to her and at the end of it I told her, I love her. I do. At such times, I realise how we’ve grown up together. Right from those days when we shared the smallest of things to now that we’ve grown up to be ladies; we’ve seen each other grow, fall, stumble, and make a fool and a whole lot more. I am grateful to have such friends in my life.

It’s not that my life is one big party. I do have setbacks and bumps as and when they come. And yes, they hurt as they are supposed to. But then again, I’d never be what I am today had I not failed at my Math exam at one time in my life. It came as a rude shock to everyone that I failed, but I’m glad I did. It taught me more than I could learn by any other means. I’m glad I have a person criticizing me when I deserve it; it makes me a better person. I’m glad I’ve had people walk out of my life when I needed them the most; that has made me more resilient. I am grateful for my setbacks.

And as I look back at this year, as a measure of where I was and where I’ve reached, I feel nothing but gratitude in this heart of mine. I am so thankful for everything that I got. I’m so thankful to every single person in my life that I’m unable to express in words. I am extremely thankful to my family that they were with me through the joblessness and the frustration during the recession. I’d be nowhere today without them.

And as I wind this post (I have a bus to catch) I just want to say that I’m thankful to the Almighty for every single thing he gave me this year. And I’m thankful to every person in my life.

– Sameen

P.S: 1) Thanks a ton for reading my post! Means more than I can say! 😀

2) Please ignore English usage errors, was in a rush! Will come back and proof read it.

4 thoughts on “G for Gratitude

  1. Beautifully written. Gratitude seeps within mine soul as i read thy essay:-p
    It makes me go over all those things you mentioned and it makes me feel better about myself…

    Gud Gud…


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