Shape of My Heart

It's all the little things and how they fall into the intervals of day-to-day living, of you and your countenances. They arrange themselves around me, not saying the things I knew you would say because your absence fills its place, being where you may have been, knowing you'd pick this piece or that and sometimes... Continue Reading →

The Gaze

With his smile, he re-arranged everything that was once lost, forgotten and abandoned inside me. I just didn't notice it. I was looking deep into his eyes.

Tall Wishes

At the end of that day as my inner chaos escaped me only to melt into the distance where green trees were now turning black, I thought of what I would say to him that wouldn't sound too demanding. In those moments, as I waited for the car to come around, I looked at the... Continue Reading →

Written this after seeing the following image on the Internet. Because even he needs to know he is special.

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