Emptying the Cup

In the past month, I have traveled much and seen much. However, contrary to my aspirations about what travel would do for my writing, I haven't written much. I've been in a bus, on a plane, met strangers and smiled with them, eaten to my heart's content so much that I would throw up, I have played... Continue Reading →


A resolute blackness has fallen outside. I've been watching a child munch on various kinds of chips for three hours now. The child has emptied several chip packets, two of them called Chinese Noodles and Chut Kure. Yes, Chut Kure, I kid you not. At sporadic intervals, a relative of the child has been throwing... Continue Reading →

Surprised much?

Recently, I was in Hyderabad. The first time in a new city is like a clean slate. What impression it casts on you is something you might take away for life. I loved how the non-intrusive city provided me with the anonymity that I was yearning for. Everywhere I went, people did not seem to... Continue Reading →

Only Time Will Tell?

I know that the bougainvillea are pink and they stand in small bouquets on brown branches like a life-sized present. I know that the road is dusty on either side of the tar and that the gravel rushes into my feet and stays there on my sandals. I know that, at times, even not watching... Continue Reading →


I know the wealth and the stories that come with it I know the change that is kept in the back pocket and the history that comes with it I know that the glue will go dry after a while of staying on the table and that the cup stains might not go away after... Continue Reading →

Ghalib Memorial

Previously, I have written about Mirza Ghalib when I had finished reading the book Mirza Ghalib: A Biographical Scenario by Gulzar. I read about his house and the lanes where he strolled. Here are a few pictures from the present day Ghalib Memorial at Ballimaran, Delhi. The nearest metro stop is Chawri Bazaar. "Garcha hai mulke Deccan... Continue Reading →

In My Veins

In the final episode of Castle - Season 4, a song plays in the background as Castle's daughter, Alex, talks about goodbyes on her graduation day. The song touched a chord in me (other than the obvious one) and I Googled it. The song is In My Veins by Andrew Belle. Although, it isn't one... Continue Reading →

That Beautiful Girl

When I feel something in great measure, I can't react to it. If I'm extremely happy I won't be able to jump and smile in glee and if I'm mourning a loss, you can't get me to cry. Anything in between the swing from euphoria to despair, I can manage to react to. I'm almost... Continue Reading →

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