Ivy and Gold

For the last four days, I've been watching the late afternoon with more attention than usual. The evening sunshine gingerly lights up the thick green creepers on the hill behind my workplace. I watch the silver fern as the wind blows and go down for a walk to feel the evening sun on my skin.... Continue Reading →


I know this is going to come out as a garbled mess. However, I am going to try. More than a few times, I have wondered – why blog? What am I trying to say here? What facet of this glorious, shattering, and puzzling breadth of life am I trying to capture? I don’t know.... Continue Reading →

One Night, and Thereafter

Yesterday, I attended a very beautiful talk at a Literature Festival. My visit to the festival made me realize what I had been sorely missing out on this year. Although I attended just one session, was hugged by a known writer, and then walked around Bandra alone on a cool winter’s night, it was reassuring... Continue Reading →

#5: Letters from History

Goreme - Cappadocia Region With the scant knowledge that I have of Turkish literature, I don't think there exists a collection of fantasy fiction based in Cappadocia. In fact, I find it unbelievable that there could exist none. There is so much unimaginable beauty in this place carefully laced in history that it would take... Continue Reading →

Before it Flies Away

This picture demanded to be put up on my blog. It's something that lends to memory, and how, at the end of the journey memories are all we're going to have. I needed to document the stories that surround it. For however happy I may have been today, in spite of great turmoil it begs... Continue Reading →


We have been playing Secret Santa in office since yesterday. On the whole, we have been a team that has stood by each other very firmly for all of last year, but what I am witnessing right now is affection at a completely different level. Even though Christmas has passed, we decided to play Secret Santa as... Continue Reading →

N for Nights

Of a whispering breath, A tender sigh, And silent wish upon a shooting star streaking across the velvet sky Of a loves caress Of a memory that tickles Of spontaneous thoughts that make your toes wiggle !!! Of smiles that cheer my despondent mind And laughter that awakens the sprite that hides within... Of gleaming... Continue Reading →

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