Before it Flies Away

This picture demanded to be put up on my blog. It’s something that lends to memory, and how, at the end of the journey memories are all we’re going to have.

I needed to document the stories that surround it. For however happy I may have been today, in spite of great turmoil it begs to be put up as a reminder of silver linings.

Of how you can wake up and have a hundred things going wrong, but then you have some other things that could feed happiness.

Tea doesn’t make me happy, but today this one filled me with a satisfaction so great that I wanted to swim in it. The feeling may not remain, so I captured it.

Like I once read somewhere “Life is full of suffering. But it is also full of the overcoming of it.”

P.S.: This post was written while sitting in an auto. Oh the feeling that comes with using travel time for things that matter.

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