How Winning is Done

*Although the incidents of this story are fictional, the premise is from real life.* It was a humid day, and she wiped the sweat on his forehead with a white and blue napkin. The trains stood tired and stared at each other unable to make basic conversation. She got into one of them and he gave... Continue Reading →

I Wish I Were a Boy

Unofficially she'd come to believe in God because it seemed handy to have someone to ask the impossible from, credit for the unexplainable, and blame for things beyond control. My conversations with God have come to an end. I don't ask for anything - neither the impossible, not even credit for the unexplainable. It's a... Continue Reading →

A Few Honourable Men

Chatter. Chatter. Chatter. There is too much of it all around; like the background score one didn’t intend to have, and the foreground music that is outrageous yet lingers in your head because, well, it is outrageous. Have you ever wondered how things that you don’t really like tend to hang around? I have. And... Continue Reading →

The Window Seat

There’s this friend I was trying to counsel. Yes, that sounds a little pompous considering I’m the one who needs a little help right now, but anyway. Ok so, we were talking... no wait... he was talking. After a long time of self-inflicted, ego-boosting, surreptitious muteness that makes a man proud of the fact that... Continue Reading →

Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 7

I'm writing this post mainly because I'm rather bored to write about the 'Economic Policies of India during the British Rule'. So, here goes the story of the inception (that's a Christopher Nolan trademark now) of this post. I happened to read a Facebook post ages ago that asked you to list down 25 random things about yourself. I wrote 25... Continue Reading →

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