Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 7

I’m writing this post mainly because I’m rather bored to write about the ‘Economic Policies of India during the British Rule’.

So, here goes the story of the inception (that’s a Christopher Nolan trademark now) of this post. I happened to read a Facebook post ages ago that asked you to list down 25 random things about yourself. I wrote 25 random things and posted it on Facebook Notes and on my blog. And then, I went a bit further (what do you expect from an outlaw that I happen to be?) to stretch it to random 25 things (ok, it’s not that boring) at any point of time in my life. So, here I am at my 7th edition of this series. Doesn’t matter if you’ve not read the other 6; because this one has nothing in common to the others except the consistency in randomness. Here I go:

175. The Common Wealth Games: I’m not going to say anything that you’ve not heard before about the biggest shame of the year, the decade – or even the century – for our country! For Christ’s sake how can some people go expending so much money like they’re exhaling carbon dioxide from their bodies? So much has been written and said about it that I decided to conserve some energy and a post on my blog. My last words on the CWG: Shame on the Indian government! All of them!

174. This one’s another shameful occurrence happening right in front of me everyday. Oops. I’m sorry. Nothing’s happening really. Thanks to the MMRDA and the ADA Group, ordinary citizens (like me) are inconvenienced everyday! They know how to dig up our roads, they’ve proved alright. And then, with BIG promises of bringing the Metro to the city they’ve left. (I guess they’ve gone to get the Metro!)

173. 5-star crunchy is the most pop-ish, cracklish, melting-in-your-mouth preparation of cocoa beans. 😀

172. I love Mr. Willy Wonka’s factory. I want a tour too. 🙂 [Go read ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘ if you have/have not.]

171. Finally, our Reading Group has a name. Book-Had it is. 🙂 And the very first book that we’re ever going to read is – wait for it – The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld.

170. Certain revisits have enlightened me with these facts: Sri Lanka is known as the ‘Tear Drop of the Indian Ocean’. Africa is the only continent that has the Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Equator and the Greenwich Meridian passing through it. 🙂 Revisiting can be fun.

169. Geography can be super fun. 🙂 Just depends on the way it is taught!

168. “An apple has 44 calories.” “Bread is made of refined flour.” “Potatoes have a lot of carbohydrates.” ” Chocolate has X calories.” “Sabudana absorbs a lot of oil.” Like I freaking care man!  I don’t want to think so much before eating lest I join the paranoia-bandwagon. Please don’t tell me.

167. It takes only 1hr 10 mins to reach Andheri from Nerul in moderate traffic. So, all you people stay off the Andheri roads like you did on Saturday!

166. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird‘ is the MOST BEAUTIFUL book I’ve read in my whole life! Highly recommended reading. Highly!

165. Everyone should have some  self-discipline. Otherwise, we can go spiralling down, veer out of control and crash on the remains of of what we used to be. (That’s what is going to happen to one of our neighbouring countries. Which one? I don’t need to explicitly state.)

164. I’m proud to be an Indian. Very proud!

163. ‘Blood Brothers‘ by Iron Maiden. m/ Need I say more?

162. What is the full form of CDMA? Which is the second largest country in Africa? What is my favourite colour?

161. Red nail polish really does beat the blues!

160. Once again, our neighouring country has proved why it is a nation of no standards and ethics whatsoever! It has never given me a reason to respect its people or itself as a nation.

159. All that crap bout a guy being practical and less emotional than a girl is just that – crap. Guys have hearts made of wax. Wax that you can disfigure by just pressing  your finger into it.

158. As an inference from the previous point, I want to say to the girls: Be careful of hurting a guy’s feelings. Try not to do it. They hurt more than we do.

157. Hail Robert Frost! He wrote a poem in just 8 lines! 8 lines that say so much! Dust of Snow – a must read! 🙂

156. It’s been long since I had a dream come true!

155. I’m wearing a lot of purple right now. And come to think of it I have a purple umbrella and a purple bottle too. Wasn’t long ago that I wanted the new purple watch from Swatch too – The FullBlooded Raspberry! It’s dead gorgeous. 🙂

154. After much deliberation, I bought a sanitiser. Why? Because I liked the colour of the bottle. How weird am I?

153. I’d like to repeat my Fb status here because it’s true: “I haven’t met a handsome and intelligent guy for a while now.”

152. I have had a shift in attitude towards the rains. However inconvenient they maybe, I love them these days! 🙂 (No I’m not in love!)

151. ‎”And if you’re taking a walk through the garden of life
What do you think you’d expect you would see?
Just like a mirror reflecting the moves of ur life
And in the river reflections of me
Just for a second a glimpse of my father I see
And in a move when he beckons to me
And in a moment the memories of all that remains
And all the whims are real again
We’re Blood Brothers…”

Cheers!! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 7

  1. If You have just read To Kill A MockingBird I am highly miffed at you. I have recommended that book to each & every one since ages & if I am not mistaken to you too!


  2. I’m curious as to why these points are in reverse order. Since the subject is so random, I propose that the numbering should be random too :). Oh and ‘… Mockingbird’ … I agree, its brilliant!!


    1. It’s because I started the first post from 25 and went upto 1. Now, I have 175 – 1 random events of my life over 7 posts!


  3. u listen to iron maiden!!???? AMAZING!!! 🙂 “UP THE IRONS” m/ Maiden for life ! ..but my favorite song is “Fear of the Dark” … me..r u a metal head? 😛
    and regarding our neighbor…wut did they do now?? enlighten me on tht please… 🙂


    1. I’ve only started listening to it. ‘Blood Brothers’ and ‘Journeyman’! Superstuff!! 🙂 I don’t like getting into political controversies. Maybe offline i can tel u… 🙂


  4. ok … Try “MEGADETH” Thrash metal – clean vocals growling 😛 …. try these songs: “Hangar 18″, ” Tornadoe of Souls” , “Symphony of Destruction” … Dave Mustaine- the Front man was voted the BEst metal guitarist ever!! he is too good 🙂 People who like Iron Maiden seem to Love Megadeth !! 🙂


  5. what re… i always feel so sad that u read mockingbird so late… i am surprised seriously… but u know that:-) so iron maiden huh… i like dance of death a lot… go listen to it… there is this half a minute guitar sequence thats to die for… and yeah…fear of the dark is too cool…


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