Earlier this week, I found myself completely unstitched, and then sewed up back again by the end of it. While trying to keep up, I thought of Kintsugi and what it would mean to glue our broken souls with liquid gold. If we could see souls, all of us would be walking skies with glowing... Continue Reading →

Losing My Religion

Ever since I can remember, I have had a God to go to. I have believed in Him more than I did in anything else. Somehow, that hasn't been enough. There is a constant need for me to wear my religious preferences on my sleeve. I could say I am uncomfortable doing so only that... Continue Reading →

Analysis For My Confused Self!

Sometimes I do wonder how difficult life could get. I do wonder that life is complicated at times. And certain things that seemed simple to me a few years ago seem so very complicated now. Things like family, friendship, love, success, failure, religion and even death. All of them seemed like a part of this... Continue Reading →

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