The Origins of Time

The day looked about rather than flow scooping wild waterfalls endless seas indifferently melting snow dripping and dripping to depart from eternity and resemble tear drops that still didn't cry and become liquid from which it came.


It darted in the deep brown woods and clapped and cooed and laughed and croaked. It swooped itself, down to the clovers, and rose high among the aged oaks. When crisp butterflies visited wild flowers, it fluttered beside them, holding its tongue. Secretly it gulped in their myriad colours; not knowing it drank reflections of... Continue Reading →

Damage In the Pipeline

There is water cut in my society which will last for 15 days now. You may ask what the big deal about that is. Well I didn’t think it was a big deal too when I first heard about it. Until I read the notice board near the elevator of my building. It states that... Continue Reading →

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