Damage In the Pipeline

There is water cut in my society which will last for 15 days now. You may ask what the big deal about that is. Well I didn’t think it was a big deal too when I first heard about it. Until I read the notice board near the elevator of my building. It states that there will be no water from the NMMC for 15 days due to damage in the main pipeline. And water will be provided to us only for 15 minutes every morning. And then I thought to myself, Oh My God!

3 days of those 15 days are up now and honestly this entire situation is a real pain. We have to get up each morning at 7.30 to fill all the possible buckets and vessels with water to last through an entire day. Now it so happens that I live in a society of 9 buildings, with each building having 6 floors, and each floor comprising of 4 flats each. If one does the math it comes to 216 flats. I will assume around 50-odd flats are not used by anyone so let the count be a number that comes to 166. Every morning you can hear voices that are issuing instructions and voices that scream at the management of the society when the water gets over before they have even had their fill. It’s really funny and I am sometimes left smiling to myself because we are so used to having a 24 hour water supply that it is even difficult for me to wash my face without running water. Some members have to even go down near the common tank, fill the buckets and trudge towards their buildings. It’s really an ironical sight.

The entire situation is a big mess. The downside of this situation is that washing clothes is a major problem, washing utensils is extremely annoying, brushing teeth is a chore in itself so on and so forth. The daily exercises are so tiresome now that I am made to wonder what about those who do not get water all 24 hours. I do not want to sound preachy and say things like we should save water and we should think about people who do not get water and the likes. In my opinion, one will never understand a situation completely until one is in it. Because, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

I was travelling by bus in the morning and since it is extremely irksome to travel in a BEST bus I try to think of other things in life. The point here is I was thinking about the state of affairs of things in this country. Apparently the country is facing a drought situation. And I know of places that do not get water for major parts of the day. I now know what they go through. Here I want to mention the government who does absolutely nothing at all. Yes I know there are too many schemes being introduced and a lot of facilities being provided to the lower strata of the society. But honestly I don’t care. I give a hoot to anyone who will try to tell me all the efforts our government is taking to improve the situation in the country. If I can’t see it then it definitely is not happening. And yes, if I may sound like a person who just sits and advocates about what should be done then so be it. But it’s a fact that our country is in a poor state and let’s not run away from facts. Please.

As a human being I have some really concrete principles that I live my life by. One of them is that the human race is a curse to itself if every human being in the world does not have the basic necessities of life viz. food, shelter and clothing. And I’m assuming water is included in that often-used phrase too. There are so many things that should be done and do not get done. If I could, I’d honestly just go out there and put it right, but unfortunately I don’t think I can bring about a revolution on my own. I remember reading in the newspaper, how Mumbai can harvest rain water and fulfill the requirements of all the people of this city. Apparently, the article said that the BMC allows a major portion of the rain water to drain away into the Arabian Sea. Note, it said the BMC ‘allows’ this to happen. I’m assuming they have more important jobs to do than harvest rain water.

If I could I would join politics to put things right in this country (This is an honest confession). But I think I might go insane by the corruption and ‘politics’ at every step. If anyone wants to tell me there won’t be any corruption and people won’t come after me to kill me, I’d suggest you save your breath. I’m not as brave as it is needed to enter that muck. But I wonder why would anyone let other people suffer just to have a good way of life themselves? I hate it. Totally! Countless people in the 160 drought-hit districts of our country must be facing numerous problems each day but who wants to look after them in the best possible way. The government has better stuff to do. They will now go and bang on the doors of America for the injustice to Shah Rukh Khan. (I love SRK but there are things that need more attention than him.) As a lay man I will see what I’m shown. I don’t see anything great happening so I assume it’s not happening. If an educated person like me can think like that what about the uneducated masses? But who the hell cares about other people? And why should one do that?

Chuck. I’ve wasted too many words on something that won’t change.

I will have to deal with the water cut in my society for 12 days more.

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