Wishing you could wipe off something from 2008? (Yes, the 26/11 terror attacks included). Well is isn’t as if I’ve discovered that we can go back in time, it’s just something I read yesterday that made me wish how we could have done it too.

The ‘Times Square Alliance’ in New York had organised on the 28th Dec what they call a ‘Good Riddance Day’. New Yorkers and tourists alike were invited to bring along their bad memories and put into an “industrial-strength shredder”. Some of the things that became the shredder’s meal included papers with ‘stock market’ and ‘cancer’ written on them. There was also a printout of an e-mail sent to a woman by her boyfriend saying he was breaking up with her. Amongst a host of other things there was a sock too!!

Reflecting on the incident I think it’s a very innovative thing to do. What a fine way to get even with a bad memory you’ve had. Obviously it wouldn’t erase the incident from your encephalon but, hey, it’s a start!! I would definitely want to give it a try. Times Square, where the event was held, would have been brimming with positive energy. A place where bad memories are being dealt with would surely have minimum negative energy and hence positive energy would flow like the air. If anyone wants to argue that the shredder might have multiplied the negativity, I’ll suggest you save your breath! I’m sure it was in good faith.

I did ask myself what I would have taken to the shredder. And I answered- I’d take “Terrorism” on a huge paper and feed it to the shredder. I’m sure all the Indians would do that too after 26/11. I’d take “Negativity” on another huge paper too. ‘Huge’ paper because I wish both these nasty elements get wiped off the face of the planet! All of us deserve a better year. All of us will have one. So here’s wishing everybody a “Happy New Year”.

By the way what would you have taken to the shredder???

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