I saw the setting sun
and wept for the fading light.
Through my tears I concealed
the view of stars in twilight.
I fought with God in naivety
while He was painting the hue
I was occupied with my ire
to witness how gold turned into deep blue.
Once the darkness had settled
there was nothing I wanted to see.
In the din of my raging thoughts
I missed the night’s tranquility.
I kept a vigil for the rays to return
tried to find the horizon ceaselessly.
In my quest and in my unrest
went unnoticed the moon’s serenity.
In all the commotion I was distracted
by the hooting of an owl,
I went to the brook to rest
a look in the watr returned a scowl.
I’ll tell you it was a sorry sight.
when that sad face was staring at me.
In the midst of a fight; in the dead of the night
I didn’t just want to let her be.
so I tried to smile for her
and she smiled back at me
it was then that I realised ,
why the sun had chosen to leave.
Pleasures arrive in the darkest hours.
They can’t be seen if you grieve.

4 thoughts on “2008’S LESSON FOR ME.

  1. wen ur alone, you have no one to save but urself…

    In Umbria by Jack Gilbert

    Once upon a time I was sitting outside the cafe
    watching twilight in Umbria when a girl came
    out of the bakery with the bread her mother wanted.
    She did not know what to do. Already bewildered
    by being thirteen and just that summer a woman,
    she now had to walk past the American.
    But she did fine. Went by and around the corner
    with style, not noticing me. Almost perfect.
    At the last instant could not resist darting a look
    down at her new breasts. Often I go back
    to that dip of her head when people talk
    about this one or that one of the great beauties


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