I ache, I cry, I fall but I won’t die.
Wont ever give up I will be fine.
Today it seems all gloomy
But it won’t be the same forever.
I’ll change the times, I’ll bend the rules.
I’ll speak my mind, I’ll beat the blues.

I’m made of steel and strength I’ve got
It may seem like I’m falling apart
But trust me I’m not.
You can wake up and find me gone forever
I won’t leave a note
Won’t write a letter

U can take a chisel and break me down
But the small pieces of me will also be alive
I’ll be the memory, I’ll be the lies
I’ll wake up to the sun
And go down with the tide
But I won’t falter I won’t fail
I’ll live on and on
To rise again.

It’ll take a while before you can see
All that I ever kept inside me
I won’t display it
You’ll witness it yourself
You thought I’ll forget and I won’t recall
I’ll keep it down there
It’ll help me rise from my fall.

It may sound rebellious
But one thing is true
I’ve done everything I could ever do.
But now I’ll leave
I won’t wait for you
Just the illusion will remain
But even that won’t belong to you.


2 thoughts on “JUST ME AND I

  1. very “do not go gentle into that good night/ rage, rage against the dying of the light”

    i’d suggest title of “ascension” 🙂


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